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Keurig K-Cup single serve brewers are designed with convenience and quality in mind.

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Tassimo coffee brewer.


Tassimo single serve coffee brewing systems are a great addition to any kitchen or office.

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Unlike coffee, there are a number of notable benefits in drinking this fine beverage.

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Other Brands

Our love of coffee isn’t limited to just two brands. Keurig and Tassimo, personally...

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Eat, Sleep, Breath & Drink Coffee KCups

Attention coffee lovers,

Welcome to, the site that offers the best of the best on your favourite coffee brewers, brands and flavours. We know coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. From the moment we wake up to the time we lay our heads down at night, we eat, sleep, breathe and of course, drink coffee.

Here at, we don’t discriminate against coffee brands. If it’s caffeinated, it’s alright with us! Our job isn’t to decide who’s the best coffee brewer, it’s to enjoy the flavours that all brands have to offer. Admittedly, our loyalty lies with Keurig and Tassimo. The decadent K-cups and succulent T-Discs come in an array of charming flavours. Coffee runs through our veins and Keurig and Tassimo are our constant suppliers.

These days, it’s almost impossible to find a refreshingly flavourful cup of coffee for under $5. If you haven’t already figured it out, that’s a lot of money going toward our caffeine addiction. But I don’t care! This is just one addiction I’m not ready to give up on yet! A great place to have amazing tasting coffee is Max's Restaurant.

In an effort to be frugal, we’ve turned our attention to at home and office brewers. There was a point when I didn’t know if I could turn my back on Starbucks and Tim Hortons. I’ve been a loyal customer of Tim Hortons for years! I had grown so fond of the long drive thru waits and burnt coffee taste. It was the cup of car grease I needed to start my day.

And Starbucks! That twin tailed mermaid thing has been with me through so much! The time my boss yelled at me for being late because of the Starbucks line, the million times the barista spelt my name wrong on my cup, the time I paid $9 for a coffee, the time I ruined my leather coat because the lid wasn’t on right, wait a second... The choice wasn’t easy, but it was pretty obvious. It was time for me to switch to home brewers. I know I was going to miss the luxurious taste of Starbucks and the rich warmth of Tim Horton’s, but it was a sacrifice I was going to have to make! ...or did I?

Home is Where the Hot Coffee Is

Coffee beans laid out in the shape of a heart, next to a cup of coffee.

I started out with a Keurig K-cup brewer at my home that I purchased online. I thought it was just going to be your basic coffee maker – no flavour and zero fun. I began to accept my fate as a boring, plain coffee drinker. On top of that, they came with these little Keurig K-cups. How was that suppose to make my coffee?

The Keurig K-cups were offered in a variety of flavours, including, and not limited to, Starbucks! (Angels singing). This little K-cup was going to be my saviour! I could get the same coffees that I would normally get, but for a 24 pack of Starbucks K-cups, it was only $20. Jaw, meet floor.

I dropped the K-cup into the Keurig single serve brewing machine and pushed the start button. It started to gurgle and voila! A minute later I had a cup of coffee. I braced myself for the worst. The K-cup was probably filled with dirt and sod instead of coffee. I was wrong. It was the same as the coffee I had grown to love at Starbucks, only, because it was technically less than a dollar per cup, it tasted better! The K-cups were my little bank vaults, saving my money one cup at a time!

The single serve K-cups were great for my home. There’s no wasted coffee down the drain from brewing too much and there is definitely no fighting over the strength of the coffee. Everyone, including guests, gets exactly what they ordered.

There was still a hole in my heart where Tim Horton’s used to be. I had my luxury coffee, but how could I turn down the back home, charming flavours of Tim Horton’s Coffee?

More Work, More Coffee

I was looking to purchase another Keurig for the office when I stumbled across Tassimo home and office brewers on a coffee brewer website. Not only were the Tassimo brewer and T-Discs a great price, Tassimo offered Tim Horton’s coffee in their T-Discs (bring singing angels back)!

I purchased the Tassimo single serve coffee brewer and the Tim Hortons T-Discs. I picked up a few other brands for people in the office such as Second Cup, Tetley and even Cadbury. The T-discs make it easy for everyone to have what they want. There’s no arguments over what kind of coffee to make. It makes the work environment that much more enjoyable.

The moment we popped the T-Disc into the brewer, we were not disappointed. It was quick, easy and there was no mess. Everyone in the office loved our new Tassimo and the rich flavours that the T-Discs offered. The T-Discs ranged from $7 to $11 for packs of ten or twelve. Again, less than a dollar for specialty coffees that taste just as good, if not better, than the one you get in store. Thanks to the T-Discs, the flavour you want is the flavour you get. There’s no mix up and it’s virtually impossible to have a bad cup of coffee. I like my odds more with the Tassimo T-Discs than Travis, the barista/heavy metal guitarist/abstract painter.

Find Your Perfect Brewer

Our team has put together everything you need to know about Tassimo brewers and T- Discs and of course, Keurig and K-cups. We have the different styles that are offered and even a list of the brands that you can purchase to enjoy at home.

You can still be a loyal customer to your favourite coffee shops, without having to spend all your money. With the affordable and flavourful T-Discs from Tassimo and K-Cups from Keurig, you can enjoy all your favourite beverages!

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